Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gypsy Mom Goes on a Tangent

This is not a breakup blog.

But I am in the midst of a breakup, so I don't have a whole lot more going on right now.

Stick with me here kids.

Now you and I both know that breakups blow. I mean, if you're Mr. Breaker and not Mrs. Breakee, you might be looking at this breakup as a new leash on life. I, being said breakee, am not so thrilled.

Granted - I was staying in this relationship for all the wrong reasons. I had a case of the as-soon-as-"this"-or-" that"-happens-things-will-go-back-to-how-they-were and a little of the I-can't-possibly-start-over-again-at-30-freakin'-1, with a touch of the Gypsy-Boy-will-be-devastated.

I wasn't there yet.

Breaking up was probably a good thing.

But I wasn't there yet.

Ex-Guy living 2 blocks away from my parent's house - not so good.

Do you know how hard it is to resist a drive-by when said drive-by could be done just driving the kid to school or running to the grocery store?

I'm a deleter. You break up with me - I delete you.

Your number, your email, your memory - *delete*.

Deleting someone is a lot easier when (a) you still have stuff at the house they kicked out of, (b) myspace won't let you delete the account and (c) he still has your dog.

And myspace? Yea, you can go ahead and die now. Nothing good can come from myspace. And I can't cancel my myspace because I can't access the old email address where the cancel confirmation goes.


I seriously do not need to know if Ex-Guy "is SMILING" and his mood is "hopeful" with a big stupid smiley face.

THEN when that girl that Ex-Guy used to send all of those inappropriate emails to awhile back is also "smiling" and her mood is "happy" with a big smiley face (also stupid) thinks I smell an inside conversation.

Of course her profile is private and I have only my guesses to go off of.

And we see I'm obviously psycho.

Oh and while we're talking about all of the joyful things that are in my face - please don't say to yourself, "gosh, dating him will be so great because we have all the same friends!".

If you say this, find someone that you love dearly and get that someone to punch you in the face.

Unless you enjoy the feeling of being punched in the gut 3 years later when he breaks up with you by email.

Holy crap. That was so bitter.

I'm turning into that bitter girl.

Holy crap.


  1. Break up's suck!!!! So sorry sugar. I'm glad you emailed so I could follow you again....I missed you!! Take care, chin up and I'm sending you an invite to you for mine, you were on there at one point, but going underground has it's share of problems!!!

  2. Ugh. I'm so sorry. Breaking up is awful. Especially when it's fresh. *hugs*

    p.s. Myspace hates me too.