Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gypsy Boy might walk on water

Ok, so let me tell you that I have raised one super disciplined kid, especially considering that I am about the least freaking disciplined person on the face of the planet.

Brushing my teeth twice a day is comparative to military drills.

BUT, this super-fantastic kid that I have (in spite of his mother being a super-fantastic flake) totally made it the whole (um, howevermanydays) Lenten-time without drinking soda or playing with army men.

And I think we're all pretty aware that howevermanydays is like a gajillion is kid time.

He did wind up eating meat on a Friday once... which really wasn't his fault because *duh* his mom is a flake.

But yea, he learned his lesson (huh? what's are those?) and called me this past Friday saying that everyone was eating steak and ribs and he asked Super Dad to go get him some fish for the grill because it was Lent.


My kid is a Lenten superstar. Like that Jesus guy... I hear he was good at it too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gypsy Mom Gets Antsy-Pants

My brain has been on TOTAL overload lately.

It's been raining cats and dogs here for the past two days and I think I must be the only person on the planet that is actually excited about it.

May flowers!!



Well... I like it, nonetheless.

Oh yea, and I don't have anything to mow once it gets sunny.

Yea boi.

I've been spending money at at erratic pace lately as a therapy of sorts.

What the heck else are you supposed to do when you're living in a 3x5 cell at your parents house?

So I'm going to have to have an "old stuff" Ebay sale extravaganza once I move. It would be nice if I would be smart and sell it BEFORE I have to move it.

But the smart... I am not.

Gypsy Boy is back home after a week away at Super Dad's, so I am a happy gal.

Granted, I'm crinked up like a old pair of jeans in the bottom of a laundry basket from sleeping in a twin bed with him... but still, happy.

I'm trying to stay VERY busy(looking) at work so that I'm not one of the people they decide they could do without.

Cause that would be bad.

Unemployment makes my butt look big.

Oh, and speaking of, I've lost 15 lbs!

Er... then I gained 2 back over Easter, but I can poo out 2 lbs (let's be honest here).

I'm currently wearing a pair of jeans that I NEVER wore because my brain was being quite optimistic about how large my other brain (read ARSE) really was.

But now they fit, and I am having the happy.

Oh and I just made a very, very strong cup (or 3) or coffee.

Let the insanity begin.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Gypsies Go On Vacation

I made myself cringe reading my last post.... I'm sorry :(

I obviously wrote it in the heat of a moment that was not one of my finest.

Anyhoo... I'm good now. The initial shock of the whole thing that threw me off, but then I realized that I was feeling like that pretty much everyday when we were together... so my life is downright spectacular now.

And speaking of spectacular - I'm in vacation planning mode (yay!).

The really great part about your kid getting older is when you go on vacation (a) no diaper bags, (b) you can get on rides together and (c) they can help you plan. Holla!

Granted, I'm in no rush for him to get older, but I kinda had this revelation that the world is open (well as budget allows) for us to pretty much pick whatever we want - hot dawg!

Um...... any suggestions??

Friday, April 10, 2009

As it turns out, this is a super-fantastic week for me to go on a tirade. And you, my friends, get to come right along with me.

Yes, you ARE lucky. Or trapped in a bad dream.

You be the judge.

** I totally spelled tirade wrong the first time around, so that should totally be my hint to shut up. Or go back to bed. Whatev. **

Ex-Guy has a new girlfriend, by the way. That was awesome news for the week.

Oh yea, and they've been talking for....oooh, a like year. I feel like someone could've mentioned that little tidbit to me a touch earlier.

I found some .... let's call them inappropriate emails between the two of them awhile back, but I trusted the douchbag and brushed it off.

So yea, they've been planning the coup for some time now.

Jokes on me!

And yea, apparently she looks like me.


With that, I've been planning a couple of nicknames .... just for the ease of reference:

1. Ugly Autumn
2. Autumn V2.0
3. The Dirty Whore That's Been Talking To My Boyfriend For Months

Or, my personal favorite -

4. Hope You're Not a Fan Of the "O"... Cause You May Never Have One Again.
That last one has a ring to it.

Obviously, she's not the big issue here, just the new issue. Actually not my issue, but people seem to think I need to know, and I don't, and they suck.

Oh yea, and waking up with the cold sweats thinking about how I sunk my savings into his house and supporting us when he was unempolyed has been awesome too.

It's been a good week.

And how are you?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gypsy Mom Starts Painting... Again.

Yes, I am still living with my parents.

And I swear they are darling people, but I'm about a hairs width away from losing my everlovingmind.

I think my cubicle is bigger than the living space in my room at their house. And there's not too much like feeling like you are in a cubicle for 85% of your day.


The painting extravaganza has resumed since Super Dad has decided to finally pick up his son.

I squeeze this stuff in when he's not home, ya know? Planning, people, planning!

But we all know I suck at the planning, and when I do plan and it doesn't pan out... well the tailspin resumes.

And nothing says PAR-TAY like a 30-something, living at home in the middle of a holy-fracking-frick tailspin.

You don't want it.

I don't want it.

Anyhoo... I'm painting. Again. Forever.