Monday, April 13, 2009

The Gypsies Go On Vacation

I made myself cringe reading my last post.... I'm sorry :(

I obviously wrote it in the heat of a moment that was not one of my finest.

Anyhoo... I'm good now. The initial shock of the whole thing that threw me off, but then I realized that I was feeling like that pretty much everyday when we were together... so my life is downright spectacular now.

And speaking of spectacular - I'm in vacation planning mode (yay!).

The really great part about your kid getting older is when you go on vacation (a) no diaper bags, (b) you can get on rides together and (c) they can help you plan. Holla!

Granted, I'm in no rush for him to get older, but I kinda had this revelation that the world is open (well as budget allows) for us to pretty much pick whatever we want - hot dawg!

Um...... any suggestions??

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