Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gypsy Mom Starts Painting... Again.

Yes, I am still living with my parents.

And I swear they are darling people, but I'm about a hairs width away from losing my everlovingmind.

I think my cubicle is bigger than the living space in my room at their house. And there's not too much like feeling like you are in a cubicle for 85% of your day.


The painting extravaganza has resumed since Super Dad has decided to finally pick up his son.

I squeeze this stuff in when he's not home, ya know? Planning, people, planning!

But we all know I suck at the planning, and when I do plan and it doesn't pan out... well the tailspin resumes.

And nothing says PAR-TAY like a 30-something, living at home in the middle of a holy-fracking-frick tailspin.

You don't want it.

I don't want it.

Anyhoo... I'm painting. Again. Forever.

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