Friday, April 10, 2009

As it turns out, this is a super-fantastic week for me to go on a tirade. And you, my friends, get to come right along with me.

Yes, you ARE lucky. Or trapped in a bad dream.

You be the judge.

** I totally spelled tirade wrong the first time around, so that should totally be my hint to shut up. Or go back to bed. Whatev. **

Ex-Guy has a new girlfriend, by the way. That was awesome news for the week.

Oh yea, and they've been talking for....oooh, a like year. I feel like someone could've mentioned that little tidbit to me a touch earlier.

I found some .... let's call them inappropriate emails between the two of them awhile back, but I trusted the douchbag and brushed it off.

So yea, they've been planning the coup for some time now.

Jokes on me!

And yea, apparently she looks like me.


With that, I've been planning a couple of nicknames .... just for the ease of reference:

1. Ugly Autumn
2. Autumn V2.0
3. The Dirty Whore That's Been Talking To My Boyfriend For Months

Or, my personal favorite -

4. Hope You're Not a Fan Of the "O"... Cause You May Never Have One Again.
That last one has a ring to it.

Obviously, she's not the big issue here, just the new issue. Actually not my issue, but people seem to think I need to know, and I don't, and they suck.

Oh yea, and waking up with the cold sweats thinking about how I sunk my savings into his house and supporting us when he was unempolyed has been awesome too.

It's been a good week.

And how are you?

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  1. Oy. I am so sorry. I'm sure finding out probably made you sick to your stomach. I know I would be. *hugs*